Civil Trial Practice
“The only real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trial lawyers try cases to juries.”
                                              -- Clarence Darrow

Mr. Bressel is an attorney who has a great deal of experience practicing law before a Judge, whether it be for a simple hearing on a Motion, or a complex trial on valuing assets or determining incomes for a proposed decision by the Court. In family law cases in this geographic region, there are no juries in the Courtroom to weigh the facts, and the trial Judge is the one to whom the attorney needs to be persuasive. When placed into that position, you want Mr. Bressel to be on your side.

Although in most cases, the issues are ultimately settled outside of the courtroom, there are cases that require presenting evidence and arguing a position to the Court. When circumstances of your case require you to appear before a Judge, Mr. Bressel is an excellent advocate. He has a good rapport with opposing counsel as well as the area judges. He handles himself with the utmost of professionalism, and is concise, organized and proficient in his presentations. Rest assured that should your case proceed to trial, you will be pleased with the way in which it is presented by this attorney. You yourself will also be well-prepared in what to expect, in manner and in decorum.

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