Filing for Divorce? You Have Some Tough Decisions Ahead.
If you are considering filing for divorce, you will be facing some hard decisions at a time when thinking clearly may be difficult. Having the right attorney to protect your interests and guide you through the process is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

From the moment Mr. Bressel begins working as your attorney, he will work closely with you to ensure that he is always in line with your goals. He will aggressively protect your interests while making sure you always understand your best options.

For nearly four decades, people throughout Kansas and Missouri have turned to Jerold A. Bressel for their family law needs. Mr. Bressel, his associates and professional staff know how difficult it can be to deal with the give-and-take of property and issues regarding children.

Family law judges don't think of divorce as a win-lose game. They expect proposals for settlements to be fair to both parties.

Mr. Bressel is recognized by his former clients, opposing family law attorneys, and family court judges throughout the region for his fair-minded, honest approach to helping his clients get the best possible outcome without dragging the process through unnecessary litigation. Mr. Bressel's divorce and family law services include:
• Divorce, contested and uncontested
• Marital property valuation and settlements
• Business and complex asset valuation
• Child Custody issues
• Mediation services

In addition to representation for your divorce, Mr. Bressel also handles divorce judgment appeals and modifications.

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